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Survival Gear and Gadgets

Welcome to Stunning Gadgets.  We are one of the leading sellers of interesting, useful and sometimes life-saving gadgets. Founded by Stuart Cronshaw, Stunning Gadgets focus over the years has been mostly on gadgets which are rightly labeled “Survival Gear“. Today, we are the proud sellers of such cool gadgets as the Pocket Chainsaw and the Solar Battery Charger which will keep all your power-hungry gadgets charged even when you’re not connected to the national grid.  However, while SG’s focus is mainly on survival gadgets/gear, we also take a look at, and report on, the latest camping, hiking and hi-tech gadgets from manufacturers like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Everything You Need To Know

Whether you are a survivalist into tactical gear and survival tools in general or just a general gadget enthusiast, our goal is to make sure that you are not only kept up to date with the latest information but also offer you the opportunity to buy the gadgets you need.  Whether it is our popular pocket chainsaw, our bluetooth keyboard, or our special solar-powered battery charger, you will learn about how they work, and why you should buy these items in particular.

Our range of gadget reviews and information range from survival gear to entertainment. We like to include a few lesser-known brands as our goal is to make sure that you can find high quality and competitively-priced products in one place.

Excellent Quality

Every one of the gadgets that bears the SG branding and logo is of the highest quality. So, regardless of whether it’s our extremely popular pocket chainsaw or our solar chargers each has been extensively tested by our own staff, and proven to be useful both around the house and outdoors. Plus, since SG only uses the highest quality materials we have no problem backing up everything we sell with a lifetime guarantee, which is a lot better than a money-back guarantee. This way you know that every gadget that you buy from us will last you a very long time, and in the event of a defect or any other issue, we will always offer a no-quibble replacement.


SG is always working to bring you the most useful and potentially life-saving products. Our designers come up with, and test, fresh ideas that are meant to not just introduce a new product or an improvement on an old one, but to offer something that is game-changing. This is why you can trust us to always provide new products to make your life easier, even during a disaster situation.