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30 Smartphone Survival Apps To Make You Smarter Outdoors

Although this post is quite a long one, I would be the first to say that this is by no means a complete list; if you know of Smartphone Survival Apps you’d like to add, please let me know in the comments below. I’ve made sure that all the apps mentioned are available on both Google Play and Apple iTunes.

30 Smartphone Survival Apps

Smartphone Survival Apps - Wild Edibles

Smartphone Survival Apps – Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles – When you’re in the jungle, food should be your number one priority. This app has pictures and descriptions of all manner of edible stuff, along with warnings for poisonous plants that may look similar to harmless ones.

The Bug Out Bag Survival Guide – This app makes sure that your bug out bag is fully stocked with the right items. It allows you to track what is in your bag and will remind you of when certain things need to be replaced.

The Army Survival Guide – Nobody knows more about surviving than the army. This is an authoritative and complete field manual, but keep in mind that it has over 1400 pages which cover everything from evasion and basic survival, to recovery information and first aid.

CB Radio Chat / Box – This app allows for survivalists to chat with others, either nearby or across the world. Though there are no real CB channels on offer the app certainly embodies the spirit of using CB to communicate.

Cures A-Z – This app is considered to be the ultimate guide to curing most illnesses naturally. So, if anyone with you falls ill for some reason, going through this app will help you pull together the right stuff to remedy the illness.

Disaster Alert – A very useful map that marks all the Active Hazard zones across the world. The information can be both viewed and shared.

Smartphone Survival Apps Choking and CPR

Smartphone Survival Apps Choking and CPR

Choking & CPR  – The app has a number of videos on CPR along with guides issued by the AHA (American Heart Association).

Disaster Readiness – This app is a step-by-step guide to helping you rebound from just about any disaster safely and quickly. The added advantage is that it’s just a couple of megabits in size.

The FEMA App – This is an official app by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The map uses an interactive checklist for all information relating to surviving disasters and stocking essential emergency supplies.

EMS BLS Field Guide –This  app updates almost every week, and provides the latest information relating to ACLS and EMS basic life support. Having this when in the field can mean the difference between life and death sometimes.

First Aid White Cross – A very simple application that outlines how to handle emergency situations. So, even someone with limited knowledge can handle situations like excessive bleeding, head trauma, etc. All steps are well illustrated, with short descriptions.

First Aid by the American Red Cross – This app has step-by-step first aid instructions, plus quizzes to test your skills.

Smartphone Survival Apps Google Earth

Smartphone Survival Apps Google Earth

Google Earth – Probably one of the most popular apps on this list but a must-have. It will find your position via GPS, which will help you find the closest road or river,and get out of dense forest.

Flashlight – An excellent app that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light, and also comes with a compass. A handy tool for your smartphone especially if all your other sources of light are damaged or lost.

Knots 3D – This app teaches you how to make just about any type of knot. The step by step demonstration in 3D can turn anyone into a pro rigger.

Medicinal Herbs – A comprehensive list of herbal remedies, plants and numerous natural supplements.

iTriage Health – The app was created by two emergency room doctors and aims to help answer almost every health question that you may have.

Pet First Aid – Our pets also need help at times, but unfortunately we know very little about them. This app aims to help pet lovers take the right steps to remedy the situation until a veterinarian arrives.

Practical Preppers – The app is created by Scott Hunt, a survivalist and featured on the show Doomsday Preppers. He has over 200 videos, checklists and a host of other tools.

Pocket First Aid & CPR – Concise and clear instructions on how to help a person having a heart attack Even if you’re not venturing into the wild with someone who has a heart condition, you may still encounter the situation at work or home.

Prep & Pantry – This app helps you keep track of your pantry items. You can track their location, expiration dates and quantities. There is also a barcode scanner to make tracking easier.

The SAS Survival Guide – This has been the ‘go-to’ guide for survivalists for over 20 years. Now all that information has been wrapped up into a neat app that you can use anytime.

Radioactivity Counter – Yes, this app does exactly as you assumed, turns your phone into a geigermueller counter. Perhaps the only hardware needed is some black tape to cover up your phone’s lens.

Scanner Radio – If you’re getting bored out in the open, why not listen to live radio from 5000 police scanners? You can also sort the scanners based on distance from your location.

St John Ambulance First Aid – A great first aid app that helps you deal with numerous common medical emergencies. Step by step instructions, audio instructions and illustrations make the process of dealing with emergencies a lot easier.

Survival Guide – The app is based on the FM 21-76 survival manual. It works in both landscape and portrait mode along with zoom functionality making it easier to see small images and text.

Smartphone survival apps Smart Compass / Spy Glass

Smartphone survival apps Smart Compass / Spy Glass

Smart Compass / Spy Glass – This app is way more than just your average compass. When the phone is held up there is a real time video that overlays the compass. So, you can actually see that you’re heading in the direction of a landmark without having to constantly pull up the compass.

Ultimate Survival Manual – This app is based on the 3-05.70 field manual. You can search for the scenario you’re in and the app will produce all the details on how to deal with it.

ViewRanger GPS – This app helps you find your mapped location even when you don’t have access to the internet. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of routes and trails that you can explore with this app.

WeatherBug – One of the most popular weather apps, this gives you real-time weather updates.