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Gadget Picks – If Money Were No Object

What Would Be Your TOP SEVEN !! Gadget Picks. To make this holiday season run smoothly??

The Kids are off school for 6-8 weeks.   And parents are once again facing the dilemma of how to split their time effectively.  Scratching their collective heads on wide ranging issues such as:

  • How to be effective time manager, balancing work life, domestic affairs, the kids??
  • How to make the season fun Make it fun for all parties?? (this includes the endless parade of visitors to your home)
  • How on earth to get some much needed downtime?? ( Your boss permitting of course)
  • How to inject some fun into the season, so its not just a tired rerun of last years activities??
  • Have you ever thought that GADGETS! could be the solution to all these problems.

Whilst  you ponder on the answers to theses critical issues   an article written in Mashable  thinks they have the solution. The  Top 7 Gadget Picks to ensure the holiday season runs smoothly includes such items as:

1. Digital Food thermometer.

Gadget - Digital Food Thermometer

(Not to be critical but ‘who has the time for this gadget’? ). In the mad rush to get everything cooked and laid out. Still hot, and at the same time . For ‘the family get together’ you do not want to be stressing about using this gadget. If it is in your top 7 gadget picks. You have my admiration.

2. A Deep Fryer.

Gadget- Deep Fryer

This would be in my top 7 gadget picks An essential for those quick kids treats, and your guilty pleasures. With this Gadget, you wont miss out on any fun.Just pop stuff in and go back to the party Whoopee!

3. An Electric Carving Knife

Gadget - Electric Carving Knife

I do like the concept behind the idea of this gadget. I would be put off . As I’d be spending half my prep time reading the instructions, on how to use this gadget.

4. A Pressure Smoker

Gadget -  Slow Cook Pressure Cooker

Most of us slaving away at work to have the time to slow cook a great casserole or some fine cuisine. How great this would be to set the control to come on whilst your at work. Then come home and hey presto meal is ready to serve up to those hungry kids who have been out having fun all day long. No need to stress with this easy gadget. So we might as well synchronise our moods with our kitchen gadgets.

5. Electric Corkscrews

Gadget - Electric-Corkscrews

This should be number one in Mashable ranking it would be in mine. This handy gadget will save the day in so many ways .

6. Personal Pie Maker

Gadget - Pie Maker

‘Who at all the pies’? Never mind you can always make some more’ Nothing like a good pie to tuck in to . One of those guilty pleasures we should all include in during the holiday season. No more same ol same old grub. Just chuck in the filling and ready made pastry into this handy gadget and away you go.

7. Whipped Cream Maker.

Gadget - Whipped Cream Maker

If your going to indulge, and have some fun. You might as well make it easier on yourself with this handy gadget.

I cant help to thinking that Mashable didn’t really do the theme justice. After all money is no object for our gadget wish list so ‘ the sky is the limit’.

Im thinking outside my gadget box for a few more ideas

My top 7 Gadget Picks – If money were no object.

would consist of consist of

1. Foot soother / warmer

Gadget Pick 1- Foot Soother Warmer

Foot Soothers to relax those tired feet

2. Electric Pan Scourer

Gadget pick 2 -Electric Pan Scourer

This gadget would ease the stress of who does the washing up at the end of a busy day

3. Plate Warmer

Gadget pick 3 - Plate Warmer

Oh the kids are not ready to eat, or your guest haven’t arrived. No worries. Just pop them in the plate warmer gadget

4. A Quick & Easy to Use Grill

Gadget pick 4 - Electric Grill

Everyday is a barbeque fun day with this handy gadget. ( And NO! we do not t feel guilty )

5. Popcorn machine with integrated music system

Gadget pick 5 - Popcorn Maker

Always a firm favorite for all the family. This gadget is a must have for the holiday season

6. Speaker Timer with notifications for the cellular phone or interactive with the home utilities system.

Video Of what the future could look like see below

 7. A Robotic Butler or footman to serve up the meal

Gadget pick 7 - Robotic Butler

Now this is the perfect solution for any holiday season dilemmas. Extra time to kick back and relax as all the chores are taken care of. They can do the washing up too.

Everyone’s needs differ, No doubt your gadget list will differ from mine

Whatever floats your boat.
That said. Enjoy your holiday season.

From the Stunning Gadgets Team