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Gadgets – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Gadgets“, “Gizmos”, “Contraptions” are all terms that even a five-year old child is familiar with. Even before a kid starts to walk or talk, they already know how to navigate apps and slide and select their favorite songs or games! Not a very surprising fact, considering that these modern inventions have become a part of our day to day life.

Almost an essential we cannot live without! In fact, people have become so dependent on these appliances and tools that the question whether these devices actually fulfill any purpose is no longer a question at all!

Various Gadgets

Gadgets go beyond being a simple mechanical, electronic, or electric tool or device.

Style statement, utility, convenience, practicality; whatever the reason, gadgets are an essential presence in our life. From the alarm that rings in our day to the heart-rate monitors that decorate our wrists during cardio workouts; from the Smartphone that opens up the mail and news platforms that make an essential part of our breakfast to the security system that locks up our homes when we leave for work; not to mention the sleep trackers that help ensure we finally get our sufficient dose of sleep at the end of a tiring day – these devices are here and now; and here to stay!

Gadgets go beyond being a simple mechanical, electronic, or electric tool or device; they are meant to be indigenous, innovative and inventive. They are meant to simplify our life by easing our effort, saving time, helping us multi-task or simply help delegate our responsibility to an unerring machine that ensures lesser human dependency and better accuracy.

Keeping in tune with the technologically revolutionary era we all find ourselves in, these tiny inventions do contribute in more than just a tiny way to make our lives convenient and comfortable!

You no longer have to be a geek to use these modern inventions. In fact, you can even let your brain rest while you continue to use your device with a touch, word, tap, or sometimes just a blink! Some devices are activated by sounds, while others by touch, some by temperature changes, while others respond to environmental changes; whatever the trigger, these devices have been invented not only to simplify our chores but also in a way where their very activation or usage is itself simplified.

Whether you are six years or sixty, devices can be adapted to suit your limitations or even overcome them. From a baby alarm that lets you know when your child is awake to monitoring devices that let you know if your aged parents are fine within the confines of your home; there are a whole lot of contraptions that help you focus on your work at hand without losing out on your priorities.

One arena of our lives, which these gizmos have touched in a most prominent and positive manner is the way we stay in touch with our family and friends. Gone are the days when we needed a computer or laptop and broadband connectivity to link with our loved ones. Now all you need is a Smartphone or Tab which uses the telephone’s own network system to help you stay connected anywhere and anytime.

Social media platforms have become the core communication system thanks to these modern-age utilities. Now, you can let your family and friends know where you are and what you are up to; without having to individually inform people or call them up personally.

On the one hand, while this device-addiction has freaked the health out of you; there are also several inventions that are intended to help you track your health quotient and let you know when to seek medical advice. There are appliances to help track your heart rate, glucose levels, BP rate, sleep sufficiency, calorie count, and the list just keeps growing day after day.

Devices that make people believe that their family physician could soon go out of work. As impressive as this might sound, these gadgets come with their limitations that just never get advertised!

Gadget-freak parents have given birth to a whole new generation of gizmo-dependent children whose days and nights cannot pass without certain devices or tools in place. Our current generation knows how to cut communication barriers and make friends with people who live across the world; however, they don’t know how to open their doors and meet neighbors or make friends with people who live across the street.

They know how to nail a game or a deal online, but don’t know how to drill a nail across a wall or board! Blame the generation or the parents? Or better still blame the gizmos that started it all!

Modern Gadgets

Better, Brighter, Smarter, Easier and More Efficient Gadgets

Actually, we just need to change our perspective and see how these inventions can fit into our lives instead of fitting ourselves to suit the use of these tools. Some of these modern-age inventions have helped save several lives, have helped people to stay close even when life has taken them apart, has helped people focus on greater things leaving the simple chores to be taken care of smartly and simply.

These inventions have made our lives what it is today – better, brighter, smarter, easier and more efficient. So, it brings us to a few questions that can help decide whether gadgets are good, bad or ugly in our life!

Are gadgets good? Absolutely! Are they essential? Mostly! Are they ruling our lives? Apparently! Are they ruining our lives? Worth a thought! As much as these devices can be justified considering the ease they bring into our lives, as with all things there is a very thin line where these cool contraptions cross over from being good to ugly.

And this thin line is where we need to stop and take control. Although there are a few exceptions, most so-called “cool devices” of today are things we could live without. Most often we find ourselves in possession of these appliances due to peer-pressure, society-standing, or simply a false sense of dignity. Like with other things in life, how these devices rule our life is basically the result of our own choices!