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Get Your Guy Organized With These Neat Gadgets For Men

If you are wondering why guys who seem to have and want gadgets for every other thing, need more ‘neat gadgets for men’; the reason is quite simple and basic! “Being organized” and “guys” are miles apart! At least that’s true with a good majority of the men in my life…and I am sure that is a sentiment that most women would agree to as well.

Be it your 6 year old toddler or your 16 year old teen son, and from the 40 year old husband to the 80 year old dad; guys seem to have a way at being disorganized and it would take a lot of effort from your end just to get them to keep things in place! Because, believe it or not, they are poor at finding things from a pile as well! That becomes your job too!! So, getting guys to get organized with the help of these innovative and neat gadgets for men is definitely essential and beneficial; at times, more for you than for him!

Let’s face it! Guys are gadget freaks. So, there is a better chance to get their lives organized through these innovative gizmos that through everyday requests, pleadings, screaming, and even melodramatic threatening! If nothing, you would end up with anger management or depression counselling; but boys will remain boys! So, instead of paying your therapist, consider investing in these modern-day toys. It could save you a lot of energy, time, and above all emotional wastage.

Now that you have come to the decision that checking out these gadgets makes a more intelligent option, the question is where to begin?! Well, that would mean looking back to your guy again. After all, it is his life you are planning to get organized! All the same, let’s take a look at some options that would offer common benefits to most men.

Whistle Key Finder

Whistle Key Finder

One thing that invariably gets misplaced by a guy is his keys. Whether it is his car key, cupboard key or the door key! And by now you would have come to the realization that giving him a key chain just makes it easier for him to misplace the whole bunch! So, it needs something much smarter than a simple keychain to get him to keep his keys safely or at least where he can find it easily. And that is where this whistle key finder comes into the picture. An easy to use, highly practical and a real time-saver device during his everyday office rush.

You no longer have to spend half hour every morning try to locate his keys! Just whistle, clap or shout – any noise above 85 decibels promises to do the job. So, instead of arguing and getting angry, you can spend your energy “calling out” to your keys, literally! Just check out where the beep or flash comes form and voila! Your (or rather his) keys are found. Quite the right gizmo to be listed under “neat gadget for men”; I think you would agree!

Keyport Mutil-Tool

Keyport Mutil-Tool

Every guy needs his tools. And it is not a surprising fact that most of them own the most sophisticated tool boxes with every tool you would ever want to get your job done! The only glitch, it is quite difficult to get the guy to get out of his couch and take down the toolbox from the garage or the closet and get the job done! So, instead of trying to convince him or wait till all hell breaks loose; get him a multi-purpose mini tool kit or all-in-one handy tool piece.

You have key chains that come with basic tools compactly designed and attached to the key holder, multi-purpose tools that come with your pens and wallets, or simply pocket-sized multi-purpose tool kits that make your life easier and ensure your guy has no more excuses to postpone that little repair job. And in fact, the advanced technology and smart design may actually encourage him to work with it and enjoy the same! So don’t be surprised if he comes asking for any long-pending repairs to complete, over the weekends! Just keep a good meal or his favourite drink ready to show your appreciation.

Stunning Gadgets Sport Solar Panel Charger

Stunning Gadgets Sport Solar Panel Charger

For the high-end professional or the busy business guy, there are lots of neat gadgets for men options that can make their work life easier and more organized. For the guy who remembers to charge his mobile only when its battery begins its ‘battle of death’ and for the guy who needs a ‘personal’ reminder that he is not reachable because of a dead battery, there are power banks and panel chargers! While some of these also work on batteries, the urge for a greener and unfailing power source has also led to the invention of solar based panel chargers.

If you are getting down to tinier details like keeping together his pen and pen-drives in a single place, you might want to check out the power-pen. True to its name, it is a powerful gadget that comes designed as a simple ball pen; and yes, does contain a pen too! Some of these power pens can give our super-spy Hollywood heroes a run for their money. They come integrated with USB drives, rechargeable batteries, smartphone compatibility, emergency battery charge-up, etc.

Although that sounds more like a gadget that needs to come under the cool and sophisticated gadget category; it is also an ideal option in the neat gadgets for men category, considering how it puts together devices that a man really needs at his finger tips. And the list doesn’t end there! You can find a whole lot of gadgets from everyday tools to survival gadgets, from daily use gizmos to travel mates; innovative and inventive little objects that make life better organized and easy to manage – for him and for you!

For instance there are smartphone projectors, selfie sticks and shutters, waterproof phone casings, laser lights, Grippy’s that hold your phone and keys, amplifiers, Bluetooth’s, USB drives, multipurpose watches, bottle openers, cup holders, and the list goes on. What makes these gadgets interesting and beneficial is the inclusion of sophisticated technology that makes their usage simple yet truly exciting and uber!

So, stop complaining the next time your guy leaves things around or misplaces things; instead get browsing! You have a whole lot of options to choose from to help your guy get organized. Just know what neat gadget for men can do the job for him!