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Give Your Man Some Cool Survival Gadgets

Pocket Sized Gadget Gifts

Inside every man there lives a real hero with some pocket-sized gadgets

Survival gadgets have always had a macho image associated with them, thanks to Hollywood movies. How often have we seen the death-defying hero pulling out some cool, life-saving contraption in the nick of time, when all hope seems lost? No wonder they always end up saving the world and getting the girl!

Although the practicality and the physics of some of these gadgets are as questionable and extravagant as the heroes and movies themselves, a few do have distant cousins – a practical, works-in-the-real-world version!

Inside every man there lives a potential hero just waiting to emerge. So, next time you are lost as to what to buy for the him, why not give him something special and let him be your real-life superman?

Go for something that your partner would be proud to use on your next camping or hiking trip (or at least show off to his buddies in the bar). And you’d benefit too, as you’d save a whole heap of storage space that otherwise gets filled with those rarely-used pens ties and bottles of aftershave, relics of earlier birthdays and anniversaries. And the best part is, he will remember what you gave him, even a year later!

Compact, Functional, Durable Survival Gadgets

But what to choose? The market is clogged with survival gadgets that claim to be essential. But although they may look cool, when it comes right down to it, what he really needs is a compact, functional, durable device that looks good and serves its purpose without weighing him down.

So, let’s take a look at some cool devices that would make an excellent gift option for your husband, partner, father or even your kids!

One of the most useful survival gadgets you can own is an emergency kit. You almost certainly have one already in your car, in case of breakdown; think how useful one could be in other areas of life!

The latest fad among emergency kit designers is the pocket survival kit. There is a huge variety of styles and sizes, and they contain a variety of multi-purpose tools. Some even fit neatly in your palm and offer you mini-versions of the most commonly-used implements.  But don’t be fooled by their size! Some of these kits contain foldable knives, battery-powered mini-LED lights, fishing kits, signalling devices, fire-starting tools, aluminum foil, sewing kits, and even a button-sized compass.

From these pocket-sized kits, the craze for miniaturization has gone even further, with credit card-style survival gear that can easily fit into your wallet so it’s available not only during your travelling and vacationing, but literally everywhere (as long as you remember to take your wallet)!

Designed to be Compact

Designed to be compact, these little beauties also offer some of the most essential items to keep you prepared for any emergency. Some of the common tools found in this style of survival kit include scissors or knives, magnifying glasses, screwdrivers, tweezers, pins, mini-rulers and mini-LED lights. Just remember not to try and swipe it during your next shopping trip!

Think that’s as far as it goes? Well, you’re wrong! Today’s mantra seems to be that the smaller the gadget the cooler it is, and survival gadgets also seem to have taken this path. Now you can even get survival kits on your key chain!  But, again, don’t let the size fool you. These gadgets come with fool-proof design, quality assurance and real-time usability. Of course, this could be an issue if you’re prone to misplacing keys, but maybe having the coolest key chain on the planet will inspire you never to lose it again.

As well as complete kits, you can also buy belt-clip single- or multi-function survival tools. For example, there are weatherproof LED lights for use as beacons during emergencies, and tactical survival tools such as a foldable knife integrated with a mini LED light, fire-starting rod and whistle.

Some of these are self-powered, while others are battery-dependent. Compact, stylish and quality assured, these gadgets can be ideal choices for those men who do not really find the minimalist survival kit concept attractive.

Sport Solar Panel Charger

Sport Solar Panel Charger

These days, when you can hardly separate a man from his portable devices, don’t let connectivity be the reason why he refuses a hike in the wilderness. Get him solar-powered battery chargers that ensure that his gizmos work even after several hours on the phone.  Solar panel chargers are lightweight, portable, reliable and environmentally responsible, although they do include a USB charging option.

Need even more reasons to choose this as his next gift? Here’s one – he will bless your name during the next long-duration power outage.

Although he (and yes, I do mean the male of the species) may have progressed from his animal skins to power suits and jeans, his primitive protective instincts remain intact.  Satisfy those instincts; get him emergency knives and razor-sharp tools that not only look rugged but feel rugged. In spite of frontiersman styling, don’t worry, they come integrated with modern technology that makes them the ideal tactical survival tools in an emergency.

And if your man already has these tools in his kit, then you can get something that will help keep ready for use. Yes, I am talking about a tool and knife sharpener. Neglect and non-use can take the edge off blades; don’t let them become useless decorations in his survival kit.

Unlike the traditional ones found in hardware stores, these modern tools require fewer strokes, come packed in compact pouches, and are multi-sided for use with all types of blade.  The list can go on and on…with pocket-sized gadgets and multi-purpose tools. Now that you have an idea where to start and what to start with, go for it! Check out what he really needs or make a start and get him some really cool survival gadgets. While he enjoys being proud of his newest acquisition, you can be proud of having made some really smart choices!