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Guests And Gadgets – How To Manage Them!

Sharing Gadgets like Phones and Tablets

It simply comes down to not wanting to let others into our private space

Personalized gadgets like smartphones, tablets or smart watches are like the private areas of our home – like our study or bedroom. It is our space, our private time, our private environment, into which we don’t want others peeping.  Sometimes, however, we need to share our personalized gizmos with others. Maybe we have guests, perhaps there’s an emergency, or maybe we don’t want to offend a boss, colleague or friend by saying, “No”. Whatever the reason, sharing phones and tablets is quite common, and we will probably all have to do it at some point, willingly or unwillingly!

The main reason why we are often reluctant to share our gadgets is not because we want to be mean or because we are possessive; it simply comes down to not wanting to let others into our private space, with the possibility that an inquisitive friend or family member could take a peek at our messages, contacts or other private information.

This doesn’t have to be malicious; there are lots of situations when the wrong tap or swipe will accidentally expose people to an NSFW photo, or could end up changing our settings.  And how many parents have been put in difficult situations, thanks to their kids sending weird messages to a boss or deleting important contacts or mails?

How do we protect our privacy?

But accidental or intentional, the end result is the same; your privacy has been invaded. This is something everyone wants to avoid and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  So, how do we draw a line? How do we protect our privacy?

Well, If you have an Android 5, this article on How to Enable Guest Mode on Android will help.  According to the author, this app allows you to:

… quickly switch to a separate guest profile that doesn’t have any of your personal data…

If your smartphone doesn’t have a guest profile mode then, according to the author,

Some brands such as Xiaomi, LG, Samsung and Huawei preload an app that enables you to set guest mode on your smartphone.

Some manufacturers call it the “Guest mode” while some call it the “Kids mode”. Both names seem to be ideal for the application.  So, the next time you have a friend, family member or colleague stretch out their hand for your phone, just excuse yourself for a sec and enable the guest mode. Then  you can happily hand it over to them in the knowledge that your private data remains that way!

Changing from guest mode to your user profile takes just  few seconds, and you don’t even have to worry about wasting memory on what your guest may have saved or added; once you switch back to your profile, all the data in the guest mode is removed from your phone.

As with all new products, these apps have some teething troubles.  In most phones, initiating the guest mode seems to slow down the device a bit, but it does eventually return to normal processing speed.

Exactly what we are looking for!  Although we’ve been doing this for years on our PCs and laptops, it’s a relatively new feature for our phones.  Makes you wonder why nobody thought of this before…

Worth the time Investment

If your phone doesn’t support this app, don’t worry; there is a solution for that too!  There are ways to lock out apps that you don’t want others to access. This might take some time to set up but you would only need to do it once, and it’s probably worth the time investment.

Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock

All you need to do is download the Smart AppLock which restricts access through a password. The app icon shows on your desktop, but when others try to access it, it will show a message that the app is unavailable. Only you know the secret code to open it! Cool, isn’t it?

These days we all understand the need to secure our online presence, and you can create a private browsing space in Google Chrome. This will help protect your browsing data as well as your preferences and bookmarks.  Protecting your gadget space is just as important as protecting your living space, so take steps today.  Then you can hand over your phone to a colleague, friend or relative in the happy knowledge that they won’t see or do anything they shouldn’t.