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How The Pocket Chainsaw Can Make It Easier To Survive In The Wilderness

The Pocket Chainsaw was originally conceived with surviving in the wilderness in mind. The designers, all of whom have spent a considerable amount of time in the military or the great outdoors, know just how difficult things can be and how important it is to have a versatile and durable cutting tool at your disposal.

However, 80% of your survival will depend on your ability to cut not just meat, but also wood for burning, building a shelter and even using as a hunting weapon. The Pocket Chainsaw is designed to take over where your hunting knife leaves off. It was intended to be a portable, efficient, all-weather and durable cutting tool. Below we look at just a few survival scenarios where this tool would be a great asset.

Pocket Chainsaw Cutting Wood

The bark also makes extremely good tinder for fire-starting, because of its resin content

Helping you make friends with trees

When you’re stuck in the wilderness with no access to information, or civilization for that matter, your first step should be to familiarize yourself with the various trees around you. The first tree you’ll want to look out for is called the European white birch. It has a pale, paper-like bark that appears to be peeling from the trunk.

The tree has an inner bark, which is edible, and an outer bark that is so waterproof it can be used to construct a canoe, or to boil water since it does not burn if there is liquid inside. The bark can also be twisted into a temporary rope, and if you cut a deep enough hole in the tree you can enjoy the spicy sap, which resembles maple syrup. The bark also makes extremely good tinder for fire-starting, because of its resin content.

While using gadgets like a conventional hunting knife to remove the bark is certainly possible,you’ll need a lot of practice. Alternatively, if you have Stunning Gadgets Pocket Chainsaw, the task is a lot easier. And there is no need to dull your knife, which you can keep for cutting meat and hunting.

The other type of tree that you’d want to familiarize yourself with is the American basswood, also commonly referred to as the linden, the lime or just plain basswood. It is easy to recognize this tree because of its large, heart-shaped leaves.

The leaves and inner bark are also edible and the inner bark fibers make excellent natural cordage, which is extremely hard to snap. Here too, Stunning Gadget’s Pocket Chainsaw can be used to cut along the bark so that you get a very long cross section which can then be usedfor straps, ropes and even snares.

Common Maple, is another tree you need to know about. The hard wood is excellent for building a shelter and the tree is easily identifiable with its three-pointed leaves similar to the leaf you see on the Canadian flag. However, you will need to cut through pretty thick branches to make any use of the wood. Here too the Pocket Chainsaw can halve the time it takes to cut decent-sized pieces which can then be used to construct everything from a spear to a makeshift shelter.

Making a fire

Making a fire

Making a fire

Once the sun goes down predators like mountain lions, bears, bobcats, snakes and wolves come out. Your best bet is to make a fire before its completely dark. You will have to gather lots of dry woodof varying sizes from small logs to twigs. Also, once the fire gets started, you’ll need a ring of rocks to keep the fire from spreading outwards. The ring will help to reflect the heat inwards which makes it easier to cook over.

However, one of the most difficult parts of starting a fire is having to cut often thick and dry logs of wood. A hunting knife may be fine for twigs, but if you want the fire to last through the night, you’ll need four- to six-inch thicknesses. The Pocket Chainsaw is the only tool that will make this job quick and easy, and it will also save your hands from bruising.

Other uses

Apart from the Pocket Chainsaw being an excellent survival gear in the wilderness, it can be used around the house. With it, you can cut down small trees and trim low-hanging branches. Since the design allows for precise cuts to be made, it can be used for small carpentry projects like repairing your doghouse or perhaps building a tree house for your kids. The possibilities are endless.

While Stunning Gadgets does not market the Pocket Chainsaw as an all-purpose tool, its extremely efficient, portable and rugged design makes it ideally suited to a host of cutting tasks where a regular saw or hunting knife is hard to use.