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Some Cool Camping Gear for Your Next Trip

Cool Camping Gear

What do you really need in camping?

The very aspect of outdoor camping has gone through a sea change; thanks to the many cool camping gear that have invaded the market. Camping is no more about just a tent, firewood, uncooked or precooked food and sleeping bags.

Call it technology or call it innovation; or simply call it the need of man for greater comfort – outings without the right camping gear are no longer considered customary.

There are so many products to choose from and so many choices to make, the question – “what do you really need?” often continues as a question. It is often difficult to make a conclusion and you find it hard to zero in on the right products that can make your camping trip a cool experience.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose some cool camping equipment, that will also benefit you; then it is important to first understand what would be some basic camping requirements that most people would need.

Fool-proof Mechanism of Cool Camping Gear

Camping is a term that is often related with, and remembered for, a warm campfire with family and friends around it. Besides requiring a fool-proof mechanism to start a fire, you would need a lot of firewood. Starting a fire is no longer a great deal!

No more struggling with wet or moist matchsticks that refuse to light up and lighters that get blown out due to the breeze.  Light up your campfire or cooking fire with automatic fire igniters, which come in many shapes and sizes.

And now for the interesting part – the firewood you need to make your large and nice campfire. After all, that is what would keep you and your family warm and cosy while outdoors! Collecting firewood is an interesting and fun activity; provided you have the right equipment to get all the wood you need.

And this is where this cool camping gear gains attention. You no longer have to walk around with a heavy hatchet or axe. In fact, you no longer have to carry anything at all – I mean, hardly anything; considering that this pocket-sized wonder weighs just around 4 ounces!

Pocket Chainsaw

The new and advanced Pocket Chainsaw

And yes, I am talking about the new and advanced pocket chainsaw. Designed to be light-weight, with a saw measuring 24 inches, this chainsaw is flexible and can easily rest in your trouser or backpack pocket as you wander through the woods for firewood.

Its portability and flexibility are not its only benefits; this piece of sawing equipment is also efficient in its execution capacity. You can cut through most pieces of wood and tree branches easily and efficiently. With sawing teeth added in every link, there is no doubt about its efficiency in getting down the wood you need!

Besides a lifetime guarantee, “better than a money-back” guarantee and excellent customer service; there are also several best-price offers at which you can procure this amazing equipment. It is not only a cool camping gear that would enhance the value and “hep-factor” of your camping gear but also a wonderful gift to your family and friends who love the outdoors.

And the good part – you don’t have to step out doors to actually purchase and gift wrap it! Just make your order online, add a message and leave instructions for gifting. It will be done and you can pleasantly surprise your loved ones with a cool and efficient tool.

Means of Communication in case Emergency

The pocket chainsaw is not the only interesting camping equipment from Stunning Gadgets. There are a range of other products that can become your cool companions during your outdoor ventures; for instance, the Sport Solar Panel Charger or the Super Slim Power Bank. How often have you found yourselves in the woods or wilderness with a drained battery and no charging points?

Whatever the tall claims you make about getting away from the busy world and hectic routines; being cut-off from humanity is not the objective of your camping trip. You want a holiday! Absolutely, no doubt about that; but you also want a means of communication in case there is an emergency.

Sport Solar Panel Charger

Sport Solar Panel Charger – dual charging 1.2W solar panel

This is where these cool equipments promise to be your trustworthy companions. Getting off work with the promise of keeping in touch through mails is sometimes the only way to balance your work and home life.

Your short interludes of checking mails should not have you end up with a dead phone when you really need to contact someone. And you no longer need to worry about such a scenario with the Sport Solar Panel Charger!

This dual charging 1.2W solar panel, made of monocrystalline, comes with a 5000mAh lithium polymer battery. In simple words, you can reliably use it for over a 1000 charges!

Compact and durable, you can carry along this innovative equipment during any outdoor travel; including long drives, camping trips or even the long flights to your exotic holiday destinations.This charger promises to be an optimal charging system for your portable devices and its dual charging feature means you don’t have to wait for your partner’s mobile to charge to get your own back to life!

Outdoors, especially camping and hiking trips could mean unexpected weather conditions. But don’t worry; this solar panel charger is designed to be rain-resistant and environment-friendly. Its anti-skid feature is another interesting characteristic that contributes to its durability. And despite all that, if you still manage to drop it or hit it; relax, it also comes with a shock-proof feature. Isn’t it truly a cool camping gear?

Super Slim Power Bank

Super Slim Power Bank – Slim enough to fit into your wallet

Now if you are wondering how long you need to charge it – 7 to 8 hours in the sun is enough to help you during an emergency. Now for those who think that is too long a wait in the wilderness. Or for those who find it too much of a space occupier in your backpack; then there is always the Super Slim Power Bank.

This 1400mAh portable charger is slim enough to fit into your wallet and would take up no more space than your credit card. It comes with its own 2-in-1 micro USB cables and LED indicators.

Interesting, isn’t it? The cool quotient of your camping gear just went higher! For more interesting and innovative products that can make your life easier, during emergencies and otherwise, check out Stunning Gadgets. And you can choose the devices that would become part of your cool camping gear!