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Survival Gear for the Adventures of Life

Survival Gear for the Adventures of Life

A lack of being ready is often what leads to painful experiences

Life is an adventure, where survival is a skill and the right survival gear is what keeps this adventure going. All of us look forward

to adventures in life…be it a real life challenge in our professional world or an adventurous trip in our personal world. With adventures come danger and the promise of the unknown and unexpected.

With a little preparation our adventure can turn out to be a memorable enjoyment that prompts us to step up and step out more. A lack of being ready is often what leads to painful experiences.

From the young to the old, all of us look forward to a break from our daily routines. We all look forward to a break from the sombre and rigorous chores of daily living. A time away from the schedules that run by the clock; a time away from the need to meet deadlines, complete projects, keep up with appointments and commitments.

A time away from the dust and pollution that comes with a busy life. Trekking, camping, kayaking, mountaineering, rock climbing, cycling, or just meandering; whatever the adventure, when we are out there with nature it is best to be prepared. Because nature has its own way of giving us surprises; sometimes small, sometimes big – but unexpected, surely it is.

Getting the right gear and equipment in place for our adventure trip is the most quintessential step before any outing. And today there are a whole range and variety of survival gear available that is capable of making our trip the most comfortable and enjoyable.

From clothes to backpacks, from tents to specially designed shoes, from tools and equipments to handy safety mechanisms, anything and everything you need out there to survive and be safe, to be comfortable and feel at home; to make your adventure a real one. Everything and anything you need to make your adventure a memorable experience.

There are a variety of survival packages that is available based on various needs. From the simple conventional tools to the sophisticated electronic or mechanical equipment that can take care of your simple yet essential needs while in the wilderness; such gear have been designed to support specific requirements. Helping you to be prepared for emergencies or to be prepared to handle unexpected situations is the basic objective of most of these tools.

Little wonder then they have been packaged to form what manufacturers like to refer to as your “survival kit”. Because most of these equipments are designed to help you survive the vagaries of nature and the unpredictable surprises it likes to offer you.

Some of the amazing features of these equipments are their light-weight design, compact nature, user-friendly technology, easy to understand and simple to use mechanism, etc. You can easily pack these equipments in your backpack or some of these kits come designed and ready to use for a specific adventure purpose such as camping, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, etc.

So they come packed as an easy to carry, easy to use survival pack that can be easily tucked in as part of your backpack, or used as a backpack in itself.

Some of the common survival gear that comes in handy for most adventure outings include knives, tools, fire starters, phone cases, compass, torches, blankets, survival belts or bracelets, monocular and binoculars, GPS, sliding saws or chainsaws, etc. Whistle, signal mirrors, fishing lines, matches, water purification tablets, are some absolute essentials found in most survival kits.

Some larger packs also come with other simple yet essential items like spark or waterproof fire starters, duct tape, string wires, aluminium foils, safety pins, pencils and tiny notepads, nylon threads and sewing needles, etc.

Most survival equipment designed for the outdoor living come in waterproof material or come packaged in waterproof material. Some even come with waterproof instructional manuals to ensure you know how to use the tools and equipments that come in your survival pack.

There are many times, when campers and hikers never touch or open their survival kit. However, that is no reason to ignore these little contraptions. You never know when calamity strikes. And having these equipments in place could spell the difference between a cold and sick night in the wilderness or a warm and safe wait for your rescuers.

Survival Gears For Two Persons

Find the right survival gear for your needs

Some survival kits follow the minimalist design and are manufactured keeping in mind the basic needs that will help you pull through. They make an assumption of “few hours” in the wilderness before you find your way home or are brought back to safety. Some other survival kits follow the long survival philosophy and are bulky in nature.

But their objective is also to help you survive a few days in the wilderness before you reach safety. Therefore, it is up to you to analyze and determine which survival kit best suits your adventure requirements.

Of course, there are also other practical considerations of whether you camp alone, your ability to carry around the weight, how many days you intend to go away, whether it is a familiar terrain, ease of accessibility, etc; and of course, your budget considerations or constraints.

As much as you need to find the right survival gear for your needs; you also need to find a reliable and cost-effective equipment or gear manufacturer that offers you quality and reliable tools that meet your needs. With today’s technology, you no longer have to spend time physically looking up equipment in various shops.

There are several online portals including Amazon and E-bay that offer several survival tools both as individual units as well as part of a survival kit. Besides offering a price tag that is suitable for people with different budgets, most also come with a lifetime guarantee and value for money promise; making it an ideal choice for most adventure seekers.

If you are sure of what you need then you can individually procure the articles that will make up your survival kit. If you are not so sure or are a first-timer; then you can depend on the packaged survival kits that come with several commonly required equipments, tools, and items that will help you tackle the obstructions in your trip and add to the adventure quotient.

Either ways, ensure that a survival kit is part of your adventure gear. After all, life is an adventure that is meant to be continued not one that goes down because of one wrong decision. Let your survival gear, or the lack of it, not be your wrong reason!

Get yours today and let your adventures begin…