Why The Pocket Chain Saw Has Become The Most Important Piece Of Survival Gear In Your Ruck Sack?

Pocket Chainsaw in actionPocket Chainsaw in Action

Durable chain with dual mounted blades

The Pocket Chainsaw is the latest must have tool in any survivalist’s kit. Normally, when going out on a trip you’ll probably take along a few handy yet traditional survival items like a Swiss army knife, flare, and some waterproof matches.

That being said, how will you cut a thick piece of firewood? Or maybe cut some wood to build a frame to roast some meat etc? It’s near impossible if you’re going to use your Swiss army knife.

With a regular saw you may spend an hour trying to cut a few pieces of wood, plus saws are large and so the chance of you having one in your pocket is slim. This is where the Pocket Chainsaw comes in!

As a survivalist there are a number of things you will need do for which you do not have the right tools. And while you can improvise it is not always easy not to mention time consuming.

The tiny chain saw has been designed to make cutting wood quick and easy. This is especially useful because cutting wood is something you’ll always have to do regardless of if you are out on a camping trip with friends or out hiking by yourself.

How it works?

In order to appreciate the beauty and utility of this little thing it is important to understand how it works. This chainsaw obviously consists of a durable chain with dual mounted blades which speed up the cutting process because they cut in both directions.

All you need to do is to wrap it around each hand and simply pull it one side at a time. It’s so simple that anyone can use, as a matter of fact you can cut most pieces of wood in less than 20 seconds. To top things off it weights next to nothing, your Swiss army knife is probably heavier than it.

Fits in your pocket

The Pocket Chainsaw has been designed to be portable, light and easy to use. It comes packaged in a durable and rugged belt loop pouch which ensures that its sharp blades do not cause personal injury or destroy anything else in your pocket. When needed it can be easily taken out and used either at home or outside on a camping trip.

It’s so durable and easy to use that many people have reported cutting wood more than 10 inches thick. Once you’re done simply clean the blades, wrap it up and put it back in the pouch it’s that simple.

The Pocket Chain Saw

The Pocket Chain Saw


This small size chain saw has been designed with the survival enthusiast in mind. This means that durability is priority no.1. That being said the chainsaw is made from hardened carbon steel.

This is the same material used to support skyscrapers, bridges and other large structures. The other big advantage of carbon steel is that it does not become blunt after a short period of time or after heavy use.

This means that it can go for a very long time without requiring sharpening. The Pocket Chain Saw is also known to be virtually rust proof!

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