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The Upcoming iPhone 6S – Expectations and Reality

Apple has officially confirmed September 9th for a mystery unveiling at the 7,000-seater Bill Graham Civil Auditorium, where the media will be in attendance. Most people believe that Apple will unveil the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus, but will they live up to expectations this time around and will they be truly revolutionary products?

iPhone 6S Camera

iPhone 6S Camera

The Camera

According to a number of leaked images, the iPhone 6S may have a slightly larger selfie camera. The current model has a 1.2-megapixel resolution,so Apple will have to improve the camera by at least 3.2 megapixels.A larger camera sensor could theoretically yield better results, but itwould still not be on a par with other flagship phones. The current technological limitations involved in adding a larger sensor mean that either the phone will be thicker, or the camera will protrude slightly, like the Galaxy and Note series. I don’t think that Apple will go down that route.

The optics also need improving so that low light shots are better, and the focal length could be taken down to around 1.7f or 1.8f.

New Force Touch

There are quite a few rumors about Force Touch being introduced with the new models, but Apple has made no official mention of it. Some reports state that Apple calls it the Taptic Engine as with the MacBook, and it will probably be pressure-sensitive, with feedback from the screen. I’m not very hopeful; there aren’t even hints of it in other, more expensive, pieces of tech by the company. Though I’m all for being surprised, based on Apple’s post-Steve Jobs track record, there is no way that the S series will have the new engine.

iPhone 6S QHD Resolution

iPhone 6S QHD Resolution

QHD Resolution

It is expected that the new iPhone 6S will feature a new retina display, capable of QHD resolution. There are even rumors that the new screen will have over 600 pixels per inch, and will be punchier than anything currently available. Again,I doubt it;mass-producing QHD screens over 550 pixels per inch is very difficult. LG and Samsung have held off on the pixel war mainly because it was not cost-effective. QHD screens also have a high error rate;  it is estimated that ten per cent of QHD screens are problematic, with issues such as dead pixels being very common. Also,the higher the resolution, the higher the power drain, which will result in Apple having to add a larger, and therefore thicker, battery. So, if Apple does upgrade the screen it’s going to be just around 500 pixels per inch; barely into the QHD realm.

Design and Aesthetics

Based on the available evidence, I believe there will be no changes in the design except for the possible addition of a slightly different bezel or a change in color. It may be 0.5mm thinner, because Apple always makes claims of slimming down the phone and it uses this as an excuse to sell people an upgrade,but other than that I don’t think they’re going to change much.


On the software end, there is nothing unexpected. The only addition will be the ability to record and play back 4K video.  It’s possible they will introduce the capacity to seamlessly add filters and edit out portions of a video, but if not there are many apps that already do it. Samsung, Sony, and HTC have had this capability for now over two years. If Apple wants to break new ground then perhaps better night-time optics,either software or hardware-enhanced,would be the way to go.

iPhone 6S Battery Life

iPhone 6S Battery Life

Battery Life

Expect the iPhone 6 and 6S to have a much smaller battery, with a muchlonger life, which will probably come from the more power-efficient A9 processor. Apple’s own iOS has always been more power-efficient than Android’s, so I’m hopeful that a smaller battery,e.g. around 2800mAh, will do the trick while helping the phone maintain its reputation as one of the lightest around.