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Time To Go Beyond Ties, Socks and Aftershave – Top Ten Gifts For Men!

Top Ten Gifts For Men

Gift shopping for a man has never been easy

The first step in finding a special gift for a man is to type Top Ten Gifts For Men into Google and see what emerges! Of course, it wasn’t that easy a decade ago; it took a lot of planning; long-drawn-out and usually inconclusive discussions with friends and relatives and occasionally weird conversations with sales consultants. And all too often, we turn up with a different colour, brand, size or design of the same thing we have given them over the years – ties, socks or aftershave.

Sometimes, in our efforts to be different, we come up with a fancy cigar, an amusing mug, or an accessory we found in a catalog, but the fact is that gift shopping for a man has never been easy. The question, ‘what does he need?’ usually ends up with the answer, ‘nothing much!’

Probably, we need to change our approach. The question, ‘what do you get for the man who has everything?’ could be answered, ‘ a woman who’s read the instructions!’ but a better question might be, ‘what will he enjoy?’The following easy-to-choose, easy-on-your-pocket options might produce something more than the stock grateful smile he’s been generating for years now, so let’s try and really surprise him with these top ten gifts for men.

  1. Barware

    – Yes, that’s right! Men love to adorn their bar! From iceball makers to uniquely designed shot glasses and bottle openers, there is a whole host of options to choose from. And even though many are innovative in design and high in amusement factor, they are mostly light on your budget.

  1. Business Accessories

    – If your man is a high-end professional or a frequent traveller, or simply a man with elegant taste, his image is important to him. So get him the right kind of phone charger, billfold, credit-card holder, keychain, or even a good office bag that can conveniently organize all his paraphernalia.

  1. Outdoor Recreation Gear

    – Most men enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking or sunbathing, and now there are things you can give him which will make his alfresco recreation even more enjoyable. Frommulti-gadget tools, handy gadgets and coonskin Davy Crockett caps, to the Lay-Z-Boy Outdoor Recliner and beer Hat, although it may not appeal to you, it sure will to him…

  1. Sports Goods and Clothing

    – Whether he is a participant or an enthusiastic armchair supporter, there is a whole lot of things to give your sports-freak friend, brother, husband or son! From jokes to serious memorabilia, make excellent and sometimes unique gifts.

  1. Health and Fitness

    – Is your guy a fitness lover? Then, there is a range of fitness products that can make an ideal gift that can help him track his activities and fitness levels. The good news is, they don’t all burn a hole in your pocket; there are devices and gadgets that suit every budget.

  1. Foodie Gifts

    – Most men love their food and many men are also great cooks! Well, if that defines your man, you will be delighted at the gift options available to you. From personalized cutting boards, knife sets and pans to unusual condiments for the barbecue (did you know you can get Dr Pepper Barbecue Sauce?!?) why not give him something to make him feel he’s king of the kitchen?

  1. Personalized Gifts

    – Talking of personalized kitchenware, there is almost nothing you can’t have labelled with a unique name or message. We hear that the Queen of England has a cushion in her castle at Balmoral, Scotland, embroidered with It’s Good To Be The Queen! So, while we don’t suggest you go that far, why not make your guy feel like the best son, best dad, best friend, best brother or best husband in the world!

  1. Video Games

    – Yes, these are ideal gifts not only for your teenage son but also for your 30-year old brother, 40-year old husband and 60-year old dad! We all know boys never grow up – the only thing that changes is the size of their toys – so, find their favourite game and surprise them!

  1. Gadgets

    – This is one thing a man never seems to tire of! Whether it’s the latest Secret Agent Alarm Clock or a simple battery device that will stir his coffee for him, gadgets are modern man’s best friend! Okay, sometimes finding a gadget he doesn’t already have can be a bit time-consuming, but there are lots of great websites out there.

Experience Gifts Karaoke

Karaoke with your man

  1. Experience Gifts

    – Imagine giving the experience of a life-time to your loved one! It could be an adventure, like hanggliding or skydiving; driving V8supercars or NASCAR; a gourmet experience with wine or food tasting; something for the environmentally aware, like whalewatching, or even travel or music – would he fancy fronting his own live karaoke band? At least you wouldn’t have to listen to him impersonating Elvis in the shower … Apart from being the experience of a life-time, you would have the satisfaction of knowing that this was a genuine surprise…

Well, that sums up my list of top ten gifts for men! I am sure you can find something that suits your guy from this list. After all, you know him better than anyone else, so, you know what he would love the most, what suits him the most and what would surprise him the most!