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Understanding Porta Band Saw – The Why’s And The Why Not’s!

Porta Band Saw or the portable version of our very own heavy-duty band saws is not actually a new introduction in the market. However, thanks to the development of technology that has made lithium-ion batteries more powerful and less cumbersome; these portable saws are gaining greater attention and more market-share in recent times. So, why the sudden surge of interest in portable band saws? What makes them more effective or more beneficial? Why not the regular band saws? Let’s see!

In this fast-moving world, one aspect of technology that gains precedence from our communication systems to our manufacturing and development sectors is portability! Anything that is easy to carry around, lesser cumbersome and involves lesser wires and dependency on electrical points is something that gains precedence and preference when it comes to life and work. This is where our porta band saw scores its first point! Its portable, it does not depend on electricity, there are no dangling wires that get in your way; and you can work at home, outside your home, high up or low down without having to worry about having an electrical outlet near to your workspace!

Porta Band Saw and its portability

Porta Band Saw and its portability

But portability is not the only reason why you need to procure the portable version of your band saw. There are other positive scoring points too! One reason band saws are generally preferred over the regular versions is their ability to offer smooth cuts, irrespective of the material being used. Generally, the ability to make smooth cuts is determined by the TPI or teeth per inch of the saw. Band saws allow the ability to change the saw blades, based on need. In other words, you can use blades of different TPIs based on the material you want to cut. This flexibility enables you to optimize your work speed as well as your work efficiency.

Most of the band saws in today’s market come integrated with a blade tension mechanism that allows you to optimize the blade tension while performing your cutting activities. The benefit of this is that the tension can be adjusted to suit the needs of the material being used. And optimal blade tension means optimized results while performing a cutting job. The porta band saws available in the market today claim to give an optimal tension for cutting tasks through a pre-adjusted mechanism delivered through a set of internal springs. This is another technology that makes these saws an endearing option for workmen who need to deal with cutting a variety of material in their daily work life!

If you are a professional who is used to the regular hacksaw or recip saw and still wondering why not just continue with my tool, here is something that might inspire you to consider a band saw – its cutting speed. Test have shown that most of the portable band saws, even those defined as slow compared to their peers, still work faster when compared to the regular saws. In other words, you cut faster, finish your job quicker and pack up for home earlier! Now how’s that for giving another score for the band saw?!

Now getting a closer look at the band saws; it is not just speed but speed at lesser effort! The design and technology integrated in these saws ensure faster cutting with lesser pressure. Therefore, the next time you want to cut through a conduit, pipe, iron, or simply a channel; think about what difference a band saw would make to your efforts and your time.

For those who are brand-conscious, portable band saws are available from Bosch, Milwaukee, DeWalt and Masterforce.  At least, these are the top brands that seem to be capturing the interest of the greater market share. Each of these brands comes with its own benefits, not to mention the goodwill associated with their names. But finally, you need to consider upgrading to your favourite band saw and let go off your conventional saw. In case, you are wondering why – I suggest you go back to the top of the article and start reading again; this time more carefully! Jokes apart, if you are looking for just the last push to decide on an upgrade, continue reading…

Porta band saws are also available in different versions – electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. This is meant to help meet the needs of varying industries and varying cutting capacities. For instance, the pneumatic band saws are considered a safe bet if your work involves an environment that is wet or involves hazardous atmospheres. It reduces the risk of shocks and circuits, enables on-site work completion and avoids the need for “hot work permits”.

Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic - Porta Band Saw

Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic – Porta Band Saw

Electric band saws are a good choice for heavy-duty work and are considered a good choice for those in the demolition or mechanical industries. And finally, the hydraulic band saws are considered a good choice for mining, marine and construction industries. Each of these saws comes with its series of functions and features that makes it effective and efficient in the specified work environments. So, if you are looking for sturdy yet compact, portable yet efficient, fast yet safe saws that you can manipulate effectively and help you work efficiently; then band saws are something that should be part of your tool kit.

So, starting from the simple reason that these band saws are portable to the more sophisticated reason that they offer flexibility and speed; these band saws have something that can satisfy the needs of everyone looking for a heavy-duty, efficient and neat saw. It seems to satisfy all aspects that one looks into in a work environment; especially a mechanical or manual work environment where incidence of hazards are higher and safety precautions gain more prominence.

So, considering the why’s and why not’s of procuring a porta band saw – it looks like you have every reason why you should be checking one in the near future. And if you have already seen or experienced the capabilities of a band saw; then why not make your decision-making process a bit more quicker and start working with this tool in your next shift itself!