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Vintage Gadgets

Old Vs New Gadgets

At one time certain innovations were deemed ‘amazing gadgets’. Now for the most part we consider them ‘old hat’ and look upon them with horror.

Indeed the younger generations tend to mock the technology of decades past, or worse still, seem ignorant of their very existence. Taking for granted gadgets that do much of what we used to do as daily routine.

Should we care?. Most certainly we should, if for the only reason the past shapes our future

It is my opinion that we should give these amazing gadgets the respect they deserve. Not only for paving the way for future more high tech gadgets. But for all the fond memories that these once very cool gadgets gave us.  How they enhanced and enriched our lives, turning us into  generations that could now do things we had only ever dreamed of doing.  How many career were launched on the back of this emerging technology??.

How much inventive talent has emerged on the back of using what were once deemed technologically innovative gadgets. How much easier has your life been by using labour saving gadgets, throughout the home, in the workplace and in our schools and for leisure, gadgets take centre stage.

Vintage Gadgets Immortalised in Song!

Gadgets old and new have infiltrated every aspect of our modern life since their innovation. Yet it’s the part of our lives that we do take for granted, and only when they are damaged stolen or we have to do without them do we realise the impact that this has on our daily living.

‘Hand on heart, could you honestly live without your gadgets??”

To my mind we should celebrate both old & new gadgets. Our cool gadgets, and the not so hip gadgets we have used over time.  Let’s celebrate the impact of these amazing gadgets with a trip down memory lane comparing the old with the new.

Who wants to get the party started? Lets kick off with this old style ‘Gramophone’.  Must have been a break through in home entertainment at the time.

Gramophone - an example of vintage gadgets

A lot of arm wrestling was needed to get this gadget to function.

Now compare it to what we use nowadays

Gadgets evolve like the Docking Station for electronic devices

Who would have guessed that gadgets would evolve into these great listening devices for the home?

Work life and education  were made easier for the fact that we could now store our daw on the floppy disk and the mobility this gave us was fantastic. I can recall a    few scary moments when a disk containing important data was damaged or lost. The issue with the floppy disk was that they could only store so much.

Floppy Disks

The floppy disk were gadgets used to save our data of all descriptions. You had to formate them first. But they were susceptible to damage if stored incorrectly.

Technology is progressing at such a fast rate and the gadgets we use today reflect that.  Most appliances have some for of micro chip inserted into its mechanism.  Computer gadgets give our lives ease of purpose

A visit to the salon must have been like taking your life in you hands with the element blowing freely not only on you hair  but all over your face. This young lady seems to be the epitome of elegance or should I say tolerance. Her newly quaffed hair style doesn’t look like sits going to last much longer.

Amazing Gadgets - Vintage Hair Dryer

A trip to the hair dresser proving eventful in this photo clip

Gadgets for use in the home as well as for trade

Beauty gadgets nowadays are less cumbersome

Communicating with friends & loved ones is now instantaneous.  Our working lives have been revolutionised with the advent of technological gadgets that defy the rules of nature.

Android phones, and Smart phones

With the digital revolution underway. We now enjoy the ease of use we get from sophisticated gadgets such as our android phones, and smart phones

We should feel much more appreciative of the gadgets that went before the ones we use today. for had it not been for them we might all still be using our cave ancestors tools.  Need I say more!

From the Stunning Gadgets Team