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What Defines A “Best Survival Gear?”

What defines something as the “best survival gear”? What would be the criteria you would follow if you were considering choosing some of the best gear that would actually help you survive? Ever wondered about that?! Well, with the way the world is fast changing, you might want to consider it as one of your priorities in case you still don’t have a survival kit in place.

Accidents are common place; disasters are becoming an integral part of our morning cup of tea or coffee (thanks to the far-fetched reach of media)! With the growth of technology and the widespread hands of media being able to access information from all over the world, getting to know disasters that affect people in the tiniest of islands, in the farthest corners of the world, is no longer a surprise! So, how prepared are you in case nature or man decides your city or town as the target for the next disaster?!

Surviving Disasters

Surviving Disasters

I remember watching a movie some time back…there was this scene of utter chaos that occurred because of a hoax call of a bomb being planted in a huge residential apartment. A man and his wife were desperately trying to save all that they could, only to finally realize that their two kids were still sleeping through it all and they hadn’t even thought about them in their chaotic efforts to save their so-called “assets”!

The scene was meant to comically present human reaction to unexpected disaster situations. As much as it was funny to watch in a movie, a real situation where we actually run around trying to react to the situation could actually cost us or our dear ones our lives!! So we come back to our question of the need to being prepared and that invariably leads to the question of what would make the best survival gear to help us in similar situations!

Browsing through the internet, there is a whole list of gear that would be defined as the best for any or every situation. This is just another market place, where people are trying to sell what they deem might be your best companion during a calamity. But as a customer, what criteria would you assign to make your choice? Difficult to decide – right?! Especially, if you haven’t really been through a tough situation before; you could end up ignoring some important items or aspects. And a time of calamity is the worst time you could go hunting for things you actually need! Technology might not be readily available right when you need it; and probably this would be the best time to realize that money can’t buy everything!!

Well, instead of thinking about the worst let’s see how we can be prepared for the worst! Your everyday life is a place where your basics take a backseat, because they are part of your routine! Although, the fact is, your daily rush is basically intended to pay your bills and take care of your needs, these have become so ingrained in your day to day life; you hardly give a thought to it! It just happens and you just move on. You don’t really spend time thinking of your food, clothing or shelter; while the truth is your job and all activities still revolve around it.

A disaster changes this perspective; what was routine becomes a priority! All the running about you were doing as part of your day to day life takes a backseat and you focus on your basics as the top priority; and you do it consciously! How to manage your food till the disaster dies down, how to keep your family protected from the elements, how to safeguard your family till help arrives and how to reach out for help!

Your decisions, your needs, your priorities all take a different turn! There is more uncertainty in your life that you ever thought there would be! The ups and downs of your daily efforts could crash any stock exchange in a few milliseconds! But that is the reality of a disaster!! So what would help you in such a situation? Being prepared, of course, and having the right things in the right place and at the right time; no doubt! But what makes this list of right things?

Look at your basic needs – what do you want the most if you have to leave the secured environment of your home behind? What would you need to survive, in case your home is the only shelter you have and moving out of its secure environment is near impossible? How would you manage in case your technology dies down, your money can’t buy things, and your supermarket or grocers just disappears or drowns? How would you survive and ensure your family is not harmed?

Analyzing these questions could help you zero-in on the best survival gear for your needs. Besides the basic food, water, clothing, and shelter; you need to think of tools, equipments, accessories, and gears you would need. For instance, what if the power supply is affected? What if you need to build temporary shelters? What if you need to abandon your home and move away to safety? What if you have to go back to our ancestral ways and depend on fire for light, heat and protection?!

Survivl Kits

Survivl Kits

Batteries, chargers, communication systems like radio, temporary shelters like tents, small tools like pocket knives, mini tool sets, pocket chainsaws, fire-lighters, torches, first-aid supplies, water purification systems, and the list continues… Getting the right equipment and gear for your needs requires some amount of analysis of your situation, your location, and of course your priorities and needs.

A family with young ones and toddlers cannot be prepared the same way as a family with young adults. It is not just lesser help to get things done but also more care and more dependency on your shoulders! Taking care of sick people and aged adults can take a lot of planning and preparation. Knowing whom to call for help, where to move during trouble, and how to stay out of trouble are all important information you need to have before disasters strike!

So, let’s get started! Get all the things you need in one place. Make your survival kit and get a checklist of all the equipments you need. If after all the list has been analyzed and ticked, you are sure that you and your family would be safe; well then, your kit has the best survival gear you would need to help see you through a calamity!

Of course, there is only one way you will ever know if what you have is the best survival gear – use it during an actual disaster!