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What Would Make A Good Camping Hand Saw?

Camping in the Wilderness

Camping in the wilderness can be tough without a good camping hand saw

A good camping hand saw is something that you cannot do without while in the wilderness. But with the market being thronged with all kinds of hand saws and of all shapes and sizes; which one would make an ideal hand saw for your camping needs? This is a question that plagues many a campers; especially those who have made camping out a new addition in their list of weekend or holiday activities.

And to answer this question, you need to decide what kind of camping you intend to pursue. Are you driving down to a camp site, or are you cycling or trekking there? Because, how much you can pack up and how much you can carry is one of the biggest conditions or constraints that determine what tools and equipments you carry with you during your camping trip.

If you decide to drive down to a camping site or perhaps consider caravanning, then there is not much constraint in terms of the saw that you can carry. In which case a full-fledged camping tool set with a saw that comes with easy manoeuvrability and efficient execution is what will be foremost in your mind.

But again, what do you plan to use your saw for? Is it something just to clear your trekking or camping trail, to collect firewood, or are you looking for something that can also help you with dressing large game while out there in the wilderness?

Camping Hand Saw with Hardcore Capabilities

Because if you are thinking of the latter then a large saw with a bit more hardcore capabilities is required for the task. Maybe, something like a dandy saw. But if you are looking at only the former activities, then a more generic hand saw, even those with foldable handles or the flexible pocket chain saw variety would do fine.

Whatever camping hand saw, you decide on; there is one aspect that you need to ensure – quality of the product. You need to be sure that the saw would not only serve its purpose but also be durable and a worthwhile investment. If camping and trekking are a regular part of your holiday routines, then something that can withstand hardcore usage is essential.

Also, it should be something that not only you but also other family members can easily manipulate and use. After all, camping is a group activity, where everyone wants to contribute and relax! So, get a hand saw that is quite pliable but at the same time sturdy enough to accomplish its task.

If you are camping with family, then safety is another aspect that needs to be taken care of; especially if there are children around. When not in use, your saw should compactly and neatly sit somewhere without causing any safety hazard.

The last thing you want during an outdoor vacation is some loved one being hurt or injured. Similarly, your saw should also not cause any safety hazard to those around when you are at work. So, get something that has been designed to work efficiently without compromising safety.

Easy to use and Efficient

Solo camping or backpacking is a scenario where a hand saw is still imperative; but the criterion for its selection changes altogether. Here, you would be looking at a compact, easy to use and efficient saw that will help with clearing your trail, collecting firewood and of course any other sawing activity while out there.

You need a saw that is light-weight and if you get something that can easily fit in your jacket or trouser pockets; then even better! You don’t have to fiddle in your backpack every time you want to use your saw! Moreover, if you obtain the flexible pocket saw versions; then clearing high braches from your trail or pulling down high branches that can make wonderful firewood can also be taken care of.

Pocket Chainsaw

The new and advanced Pocket Chainsaw

Another aspect you need to consider is how much time and effort you are ready to expend for your sawing and cutting activities. After all, you are out there to get some leisure and the last thing you want is to sweat out for firewood after a long drive or trek!

So, get saw that have extra or more teeth; in other words, saw that will help get your task done faster and more efficiently with lesser effort from your end. If a bigger saw is not an issue, there are large curved saws that get your work done quickly. And if space is an issue; then there are large or fine teeth saws that comes with foldable or retractable design.

With the market flooded with a whole variety of camping hand saws, it would not be difficult to find one that suits your requirements. You just need to know where to look out for them. And with a lot of online portals opening up, even that is no longer a difficult task.

Most online stores offer camping equipment and one tool that is omnipresent in this category is the hand saw. From dandy saws to foldable ones, from pack saws to fixed blade ones, and from wire saws to pocket chain saws; you name it, all and any of these can be found online. What’s more, they are delivered at your door step and some even offer cash on delivery service. So, no more worries about being defrauded of your money by some non-existent portal.

Some of these online stores, including Amazon also offer gift delivery facility that allows you to select camping gear, including hand saws, which you can have gift delivered to your loved ones. Include a message to gift wrap and send it off to your family and friends.

The next camping trip could find them thanking you for the wonderful pocket saw that you gifted them! Thanks to technology, you don’t have to wander around the city for hand saws; instead, you could wander the wilderness and enjoy your outdoor camping!

Most of these camping hand saws are nominally priced and are made from stainless steel to ensure longer life. So, next time you decide on an outdoor trip, you know what kind of hand saw to look for. And if you are still not sure where to start looking, you could begin here.

In the meanwhile, happy camping!