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When The Good Old “Time-Teller” Decided To Compete For The Best Gadget Title!

The Good Old Wrist Watch

The Good Old Wrist Watch – a symbol of status, trend and fashion

When we think of “best gadgets”, or any gadgets for that matter, the last thing that comes to our mind is the good old wrist watch. From the time these little time-telling paraphernalia graduated from our pockets to our wrists and then gradually got promoted to a symbol of status, trend and fashion; it has just been a simple utility-based accessory.

In fact, watches have played dual roles and been more of a utility, at times, and more of an accessory, at others. Nothing more, nothing less! And thanks to technology and innovation, they did languor for sometime in oblivion when other modern innovations included time-telling as a standard part of their oh-so-multiple-feature-enriched gizmo!

Nobody would have ever dreamt that these simple accessories would now be resurrected in a new avatar; which still retains the outward appearance of its original self, but practically has transformed itself into something that goes beyond anyone’s imagination!

Or maybe, someone did dream of it! And then many decided to follow that dream and work on it. Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Google and many others are busy enhancing the smart watches that they have designed. And now Apple joins the fray…

Tyler Gold declares in The Daily Targum, “Apple introduces series of new gadgets in San Francisco”. Whoever thought that watches would one day be introduced as a “new gadget”! And again, these smart watches no longer fall under the definition of a conventional watch; so maybe, they are best described as gadgets.

From Watches to Smart Watches

In his report, he mentions that this new Apple watch would be released for sale by 24th April of this year and the least-expensive Edition model would make you $10,000 lighter. And again, are we still talking about watches?! Well, the answer for that could be found in Tyler’s elaboration that,

…Apple thinks the Watch is a device in a category of its own or at least wants to make it seem that way.

Best Gadgets -The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

And so from laptops to smart tabs, from mobile phones to smart phones and now from watches to smart watches! The circle of invention is coming full circle. Or, is it? We never know when someone would come up with an entirely unimaginable and seemingly-impossible idea that changes our very perspective of how we view our conventional, day-to-day accessories.

And until the next such extraordinary happening occurs, the smart watch shall hold its forte and be the centre of many a debate, discussion and marketing strategy; not to mention, the race to be the best gadget in its category.

So, what transforms our conventional time-telling machine into a “smart” watch? Other than its price, of course! Well, to begin with a smart watch is no more a watch; or at least, it is no longer that simple object with 12 digits and two needles that kept us aware of the time, till its cells ran out. Now, the smart watch is more of a smart phone with a wrist band!

To be more specific; the smart watch will now act as the operating screen for your smart phone! All that you need to do is sync your watch with your phone. Of course, to do that, you would need Bluetooth and all the Apps that will help implement this synchronization.

So, what does this smart watch do? Well, to start with, you don’t always have to pull out your phone from your jacket or pocket while running into your office or travelling in the metro. Use your smart watch to check out messages, search for information, or just to check the temperature or flight time!

In fact, you won’t be caught red-handed reviewing twitter or news or soccer updates in the midst of your annual budget meeting; after all, you are just keeping track of your valuable time! How cool is that! And it doesn’t stop there! You can get weather updates, flight and bus timings, fastest or shortest routes, traffic delays, check your emails and notifications, reply to messages and mails and a whole lot of everyday stuff!

Now, that is smart watches, in general; what does Apple add to it? Besides keeping time, telling it accurately and even allowing you to customise the way it is displayed; these smart watches offer a whole range of interesting features.

To begin with, it helps you keep track of your activities, not just your schedules and meetings; but also your physical activity, trainings and workouts. It allows you to access all your Apps – Messages, Mail, Maps, Music, Siri, Passbook and all the others you have on your phone. It is now just a “wrist” or “watch” away!

Now, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your wallet; just remember to tie your watch! Apple Pay allows you to make purchases through contactless payment and without compromising your safety through its in-built security features. Ever thought your watch could help you get a coffee or sandwich? (Without pledging it, that is!) Well now Apple’s smart watch promises to do just that!

Smart Watch as the best gadget?

So, you can shop, communicate, keep in touch, get updated, find information, search for information, and check your time – all with this simple little invention on your wrist! Little wonder then, they are considering awarding it the best gadget title!

Best Gadgets - Apple's Smart Watch

Apple’s smart watch comes with an 18-hour battery life

And this being Apple’s first personal product, they are keen to offer their users a choice that would reflect their personality. So, there are three options to choose from – the standard version, sports version and the Edition model.

The last of the three being the costliest version, intended for those who believe that their watch is a reflection of their social status. And therefore, it comes as no surprise that the least expensive in this range stands at $10,000 and the top-of-the-line watch comes at $17,000! Of course, if you are looking at this watch just to extend your computing capacity; then the standard version at $549 would suffice.

All said and done, you need to get ready to face the change; because every invention or innovation comes with its share of changes that do have a rippling effect in our everyday life! And with this smart watch, you need to get ready with some buzzing and quivering in your wrist; each time you get an update or notification.

With most people getting hundreds of updates and mails every day that would be lot of quivering to get used to. And now you have one more gadget to charge-up when you retire for the day. Apple’s smart watch comes with an 18-hour battery life.

So, will Apple be able to establish its smart watch as the best gadget? Well, with its brand name, market share and marketing strategies; it is not a tough target to achieve. As Tyler concludes in his article:

Apple is doing its best to position its Watch as a device that straddles fashion and technology – only time will tell if they succeed.

So, let’s wait and watch!